Sou Yamada Wood fired White Shell Kyusu Teapot 山田想


Tokoname Sou Yamada Wood fired White Pearl Kyusu Teapot 山田想 YS17

Yamada Sou White Shell Teapot

The gentle shape and gracefully spread with layers of soft white on the whole body, it is like the soft snow and mist encounters in nature.

Its body is dotted with lovely shell marks, whose unique pattern adds a luxurious accent.

This teapot is like a special treasure found on the shore, symbolizing the beauty of nature. It will bring quiet peace and gentle breezes, reminding of the beauty and harmony of nature.

Sou Yamada is a grandson of Jozan Yamada the 3rd, who was recognized by the Japanese government as Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) .

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