Japan Yamada Sou’s Shell Black Wood Firing Kyusu Teapot 山田想


The teapot underwent a firing process enveloped by shells, resulting in a distinctive shell pattern adorning its surface. The original reddish-brown hue of the teapot’s clay is transformed by the presence of shells and ash, giving rise to a captivating play of black and glossy black tones.

Distinguished by a particularly alluring yellowish to dark yellow ash, the teapot boasts a textured body. Within its form, a myriad of captivating colors and nuanced gradations—ranging from black to brown and moss green—intermingle. Some areas gleam with a luminous sheen, while others showcase a rugged texture, each emanating from a distinct source.

Every facet of the teapot’s body carries its own unique flavor. Notably, the thin and lightweight composition adds to its overall charm.

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