Shunen II Double Wall Lacy Sakura Green Clay Kyusu Teapot 二代舜園


SHUNEN Double Wall Lacy Sakura Green Clay Kyusu Teapot 二代舜園

This exquisite kyusu teapot boasts intricately hand-carved cherry blossoms on a subtle green clay canvas. The body, adorned with shades of pink and warm yellow, achieves a harmonious balance. Its understated yet glamorous hexagonal shape adds a touch of refinement.

Diverging from the style of Shunen I (the father of Shunen II), Shunen II has developed a completely distinctive artistic approach.

The Double Wall Lacy Teapot stands as a testament to Shunen II’s originality, being a unique creation that only he can produce. Shunen II invested years of dedicated research and effort into perfecting this masterpiece. The teapot’s double-walled structure, with varying shrinkage rates between the inner and outer walls during firing, required meticulous trial and error to achieve the desired balance. Shunen II even made special tools to bring the intricate lace pattern to life. The passion and dedication of Shunen II shine through in the creation of this unparalleled piece.

Shunen II personally handcrafted the teapot, conceived the pattern design, and executed the engraving himself. Through his hands-on involvement in every step of the process, Shunen II imparts a distinctive uniqueness and artistic flair to his works.

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