Nature’s Elegance: Unveiling the Artistry of Shimizu Hokujo’s Reddish Brown Earthy Kyusu Teapot


Shimizu Hokujo Reddish Brown Earthy Teapot , beautifully embodies simplicity and elegance.

Mr. Hokujo, with unwavering dedication, channels all his energy and time into crafting the perfect teapot. His vision revolves around capturing the essence of “nature” and the qualities found in “underground soil.”

For him, the teapot must evoke the same feelings as the “sensation of underground soil,” making the teapot an expression of nature itself. He shapes his creations to embody the essence of “Nature” or “Soil” in the form of a teapot.

Drawing upon over 50 years of experience, Mr. Hokujo employs a meticulous approach, utilizing all the techniques and insights he has gathered throughout his career.

The clay used in these teapots comes from Tokoname, sourced from decades ago. Keeping the composition simple, he minimizes the addition of other components, removing only sand and stones from the clay. Mr. Hokujo firmly believes that Tokoname clay is the ideal material for his teapots and endeavors to make the best use of its unique qualities.

Examining the teapot’s texture reveals a natural and tender quality that beautifully showcases the inherent characteristics of the clay. The lines on the surface, as well as the connection points between the handle, spout, and body, exhibit an artistic finesse.

According to Mr. Hokujo, the teapots he currently produces stand as the pinnacle of his craft. Whether it be molding the clay, shaping the form, or firing the teapot, he invests all his energy and technical prowess into perfecting each aspect of the creation process.

Notably, Tokoname city has officially recognized Hokujo’s teapot-making technique as an Intangible Cultural Property, specifically recognizing his skillful use of the rokuro (potter’s wheel) in crafting these exquisite teapots.

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