JINSHU Stardust Elegance Teapot: Where Nature’s Beauty and Supreme Design Unite

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JINSHU Flat White Oyster Shell Teapot

This teapot combines elegance with the beauty of nature, featuring a stunning lid crafted with oyster shell powder, reminiscent of stardust or glistening snow.

Made with Jinshu’s special blend clay and adorned with a white make-up clay surface, the teapot exudes a sense of sophistication.

Its wide opening allows you to appreciate the beauty and quality of the tea leaves. Witness the captivating transformation of tea leaves in water, helping you discern the perfect moment to pour.

The teapot is equipped with a unique Dome Filter – a 3D and large filter that ensures a smooth pour without the risk of leaves clogging it. Unlike flat filters that may get blocked by tea leaves, this design guarantees a seamless tea-drinking experience.

Jinshu devoted a considerable amount of time to the research of this dome filter and successfully completed it. Effort have been made to attach the filter to the body beautifully and functionally.

Ongoing efforts are being made to enhance the design and user experience, ensuring constant refinement for a better overall aesthetic and usability for years.

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