Black Flat Teapot Experience – Deepen Your Tea Journey – JINSHU


Story of the Model:

Jinshu, with every cup of tea brewed in his teapot, meticulously observed the comfort and optimal capacity. These insights are intricately woven into the new design. Despite facing challenges, Jinshu dedicated considerable time to refining the product through continuous improvement.
Achieving a beautifully mounted mesh filter with optimal functionality involved numerous trial and error processes. Not content with initial creations, Seiji persisted in his pursuit of perfection, leading to the birth of the flat teapots through continuous dedication to his ideal.

Beautiful Shape, Unique & Well-Designed Filter, Meaning Being Black

This teapot not only showcases a beautiful shape but also features a uniquely designed filter. Black Teapot displays tea leaves well, making tea leaves color appear vivid. The wide opening allows you to appreciate the beauty and status of tea leaves, witnessing their changes in water. Additionally, observing the leaves provides insight into the perfect time to pour.

If you want to deepen your understanding of your tea leaves and/or share captivating shots of tea leaves in the teapot with fellow tea enthusiasts, this teapot is perfect for indulging in such pleasures as well.


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