SUZU Ware Wood-Fired Black Vase with Natural Glazing, Pottery Noto Peninsula of Japan

SUZU Ware Wood-Fired Black Vase with Natural Glazing

Natural glaze on black body, texture is natural and looking soft.
Impression of the pot is warm and quiet.

Fired in wood fired kiln. Pine Tree ware used as a fuel of kiln firing.

The artist Takashi Shinohara used to be a monk.
Works he made are warm and quiet – bring you a inner joy.

He says he would like to share the calmness in his mind.
He follows his mind and hand when forming clay to make works.

Suzu ware had been made in Suzu city in 14th century and shipped to many places of Japan by boats. Suzu is a place of pottery production and it has a port to ship to norther part of Japan and western part of Japan at that time. Main product were large pot for preservation of water and crops. However 500 years ago, for some reason (still under research) Suzu ware suddenly stop  its productions.

Modern Suzu ware were revived in 50 years ago under large scale of research with effort of many potters’ and researchers’.

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