【YouTube】茶と花の珠洲焼(すずやき) なぜ優しく、絶え間なく心を惹きつけるのだろう (篠原敬氏作品) Japanese Pottery Suzu-yaki (Suzu ware) Shinohara Takashi

English follows.


珠洲焼の器をお使いの世界各国のお客様から届いた写真とメッセージです 。(篠原敬氏作品)


「篠原さんの器は、なぜ優しく、絶え間なく心を惹きつけるのだろう 」



Suzu-yaki is a black pottery produced in the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.

The video shows photos and messages received from Suzu-yaki pottery users from all over the world (Works of Shinohara Takashi)

The joy and impression that Mr. Shinohara’s works bring to users seem to be the same regardless of their nationality or culture.

“Why are Mr. Shinohara’s works appealing in a gentle yet longstanding way? “

To these kinds of questions from customers, we tell the words from Mr. Shinohara,

“My hands follow my mind and forming works, not thinking making utensils.” to the customers, hoping it helps to find an answer.

■ 珠洲焼とは/What is Suzu-yaki (Suzu Ware) ?

https://shihateacomfort.com/suzuyaki (日本語)
https://shihateacomfort.com/oldsuzu (English)

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