Takatori-yaki Hassen13th Woodfired Milky & Candy Glaze Cup 高取八仙

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Authentic Traditional Takatori-yaki often use brownish glaze (candy glaze) and milky white glaze. 

Candy brown glaze and milky white glaze and those two glazes make milky yellow in its mixture. This cup is partly blueish. Thick glazing makes rich and deep beauty and texture. Thin glaze shows taste of clay under it. 

The Takatori Hassen Kiln has preserved the tradition of Takatori ware from the early 17th century to the present. This piece is the work of the 13th generation of Takatori Hassen. 

Takatori Hassen Kiln was started with producing tea ware (tea ceremony ware) to the king and powers for the time. The beauty of tea ceremony ware is noble, wabi-sabi, elegance etc. Works of Hassen kiln keep the beauty.

Milky white clay is straw ash glaze which Hassen 13th made by burning straw. (Photo)

Clay was taken in the mountain near Hassen Kiln in Fukuoka. Hassen 13th go to the mountain and dig and take clay and material for glazing such as feldspar rocks by himself. He turns 88 years old in this year, his energy and passion for art work is very high. 

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