Teapot Lid Holder Mishima Stamp Art (Futaoki) 三嶋蓋置

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Teapot Lid Holder with  Mishima Stamp art. 
Full of flowers on the body with soft purple pink.

This type of holder is used for Chagama lid in Chadao Tea ceremony in Japan.

This is artistic lid holder which you can place on your tea table and enjoy.

Having beautiful lid holder on your tea table is nice to see and feel. 

When you brew tea, it is good to have fixed place for lid, also good from hygiene point of view.

“Mishima” is one of traditional pattern in Japanese pottery, which was named upon the fact that the pattern looks like texts of  “Mishima calendar (Mishima koyomi) ” which was published by the Mishima Grand Shrine in old time of Japan. Please check “Mishima koyomi” how it looks.

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