Japan Arita Blue & White Porcelain Traditional Art Cup Set 4 pcs

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This pretty blue paint and beautiful white.
Cups with unique attractive Japanese traditional  pattern.
Beautiful shade of blue. Smooth texture.

This shape of cup can be used for tea, coffee, dessert, soup…

It is good for tea. The key is that inside color is  clear white.  You can enjoy color of tea liquid. Also, aroma stays well on the surface of the cups comparing to unglazed cup. Smooth texture will give you good sense of feeling in your hand.

It is not thin not too thick. You can hold by hand even put hot water in it.
(Japanese way of poring tea in a cup is not filling more than 70 %, leave 30 % unfilled.) 

Very stable when placing on your table. Nice to watch, good to use.

Iroha poem created by using all 47 hiragana (Japanese characters ) once each.

Arita is most famous porcelain town in Japan. It has 400 years porcelain production history in Japan.  “Arita” are famous for the pure white body, which are made of high quality porcelain stone. In 17th century “Arita” were exported to Europe and loved by people there.

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