Japanese Tea Room Flower Arrangement for Tea Ceremony. Bamboo made vases and hanging vases.

In Japan, there is a category of flower arrangement called “Tea Flower” (Tea Room Flower). It is flower arrangement placed at tea room during tea ceremony. Photos shown in this page are from “Tea and Flower Fusion Exhibition” held in Tokyo, Japan.

It is amazing exhibition you can appreciate s so many Tea Room Flower arrangements and enjoy tea ceremonies.

Photos below are part of the flower arrangements in the exhibition – bamboo made vases and hanging vases are shown in this page. Please enjoy the beauty of flower arrangement and vases and their harmonies.

Basic rule of arranging flower for tea ceremony is “as if the flowers are in the field” (The 7 rules of Rikyu)

Arranged flower is placed at tokonoma in a tea room during tea ceremony as shown in the following photos.

Hanging vase is hanged at appropriate position of tokonama (usulally at tokobashira). In this exhibition, display booths are set like tokonama in tea room.

In tokonoma, kakejiku (calligraphy of Zen word) is also hanged during tea ceremony, which is considerately selected according to theme of the ceremony (and season of the year) by the host of the tea ceremony. Flower and vase are also considerately selected along with season and the theme.

Appreciating space arranged with kakejiku and flower, guests can feel heart of the host and get know the theme of the tea ceremony. (According to a master of tea)

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