Tokoname Sou Yamada Shell Black Wood Firing Tiny Teapot 山田想


Small teapot with capacity 75ml (2.5 oz).

Yamada Sou rarely makes such a small teapot. This is very special size.

The teapot was fired with shells around the teapot. The clay of the teapot is originally reddish brown. The shells and ash make the teapot color black and shiny black partially. 

The body has many attractive color and gradation color of black, brown, moss green,  some parts are shining. There are light blue on the lid partially.

The body is thin and light.

Sou Yamada is a grandson of Jozan Yamada the 3rd, who was recognized by the Japanese government as Important Intangible Cultural Property.

The Yamada families have been producing teapots in 5 generations. The style is authentic. This teapot’s lid and handle shows Yamada family’s nobleness.


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