Tokoname Tasting Kyusu yellow Teapot + Green Tea(100g) 3pcs 小急須3件


☆Good to use as tasting teapot, brew 3 kinds of tea at the same time.
☆It is also good to brew tea just for yourself. Smaller Teapot can brew/control well.
☆If 3 pcs is to many, you can send it to your friend (individual package)
☆Very good feeling of grip the handle. Easy to brew.
☆This teapot is known as recommendation by Japanese Tea Instructor Association.

Please see the photo in the news below. (Bigger size is used by them)


Fine Japanese Green Tea (Asatsuyu Tea)

Start with 2.6-3.0g of Japanese green tea for 100ml(3.38oz).
You can adjust as you like.

If you have choice, Evian water can make good Japanese Green Tea – You can feel more umami ( research report :

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