Toyomasu Kazuo Porcelain Celadon Lotus Small Teapot (Made in Japan)


Beautiful small porcelain teapot.

The material, porcelain stone is called Amakusa porcelain stone, which is well known in Japan for the high quality.

Toyomasu Kazuo select porcelain stone and make own glaze to produce this beautiful nuance color.

He dones forming with roko (potter’s wheel) and carving. All work for this teapot was done by himself alone.

Inside looks neat and beautiful – that is the impression when open the lid.

Strainer (filter) shape is nice and looking good, a bit big not to block the liquid to come out. 

Toyomasu Kazuo himself is a tea lover. He use own-made teapot and brew tea often.
He often brew Chinese tea with his teapot using very high temperature water many time in a teatime. 

He studied pottery in China and Japan. His works have beauty of both China and Japan.

Wood fired. 

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