YOKEI MIZUNO Nanban Hidasuki Mogake Seaweed Tokoname Kyusu Teapot 水野陽景藻掛

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Nanban: Textured
Hidasuki: Fire line by rice straw 
Mogake: Seaweed pattern

Thin body, light in weight, very detailed  work.
Pretty and sophisticated shape .

Beautiful pattern is from Rice Straw and Seaweed.
Rice Straw (Hidasuki Fire lines) makes bold orange lines. 
Seaweed (Mogake) makes thin brown pattern and green seaweed glazing.

Clay is Yokei’s original – Blend of Tokoname mountain clay, Tokoname rice field clay and Shigaraki clay. Tokoname rice field clay contains iron and make the body color tasteful. 

Yokei fired the pot three times. Fired with reduced oxygen atmosphere (reduction firing) body becomes grayish with orange marble like seen in the photo.

Straw orange and Seaweed brown and green are very beautiful on gray-orange-marble body.  Everything is harmonized.

For seaweed, delicate spring seaweed are used. Yokei picked them in the sea and aged a few years to make ideal color of seaweed lines on teapots.

To make the seaweed art “right”, salinity in the seaweed is the one of the keys. After picking up the seaweed, it is important to wash and dry seaweed to control salinity. For example, too much salt in seaweed, it damages teapot body. Short of salt doesn’t make pattern.

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