Soft Gradient & Orange Lines Accentuating Its Elegance – Yokei Mizuno Teapot

Handcrafted teapot featuring a delicate body with orange belt. Unglazed – a natural aesthetic.

The soft gradient of the body is complemented by vibrant orange lines, accentuating its elegance.

The gradient is achieved through the flames of the kiln during firing. This teapot undergoes 3-4 firings, with control of temperature, oxygen, and rice husk smoke to produce the beautiful vermilion color and body gradient.

Exuding sophistication with its soft, natural hues and textures, this teapot offers a graceful presence. It has thin body and light in weight. Smooth water flow.

The texured body is called Nanban. 

About Nanban: The style called Nanban is originally meant rough and simple texture pottery came from Southeast Asia countries to Japan, which were loved the tea masters of the time (a few hundred years ago)  because it has wabi-sabi style that meets new style/value of the tea ceremony of the time. In later time, rough and simple texture pottery that has wabi-sabi feels are called Nanban. 
Making Nanban texture on the teapot made by potter’s wheel require high technique. Yokei’s shphisticated shape and simple and naturel Nanban texure makes unique beauty.

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