How to Care for Your New Teapot |First Use of Japanese Kyusu Teapot (English)


When you use your Japanese Tokoname teapot at the first time, how to do? Please refer the following method. The method is different from Yixing Teapot of China. This is custom of Japan.

Before the first use, soak the teapot in water with temperature 60-80℃ about 30-60min.

Tokoname Teapot Potters

Please remember that ;
Do not put any tea leaves in the water.
Do not boil the water.

Handle the teapot gently.

In this way, grains of clay (tiny piece of clay) in the pore space of material of teapot body will be cleaned away, and at the same time, it is not easy to get staining on the body.

Tokoname Teapot Potters

Hope you enjoy tea time with Japanese Teapot!

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