Hakusan 白山, Mogake, Green & Black Seaweed Back Handle Japanese Teapot

Tokoname teapot aritst Hakusan’s work. Stylish shape and color. Brown seaweed lines with natural shine are beautiful on smoked black and soft green clay. It gives you impression of New & Traditional.
(smoked means reduction firing in kiln- this teapot was fired in kiln twice)

Lid is fully smoked and body is graduation color of green and black. The black is soft black, it is like charcoal black. Lid is darker, body is lighter, it is close to charcoal gray.

Shape of lid is Chinese style – it has inner wall. It is wide opening, good for large leaves. Good water flow.

Hakusan 3rd(白山) is a teapot artist in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan, born in 1949.

Mogake (Seaweed) teapots are his representative works.
He uses green clay and white clay often.
Seaweed on green and white teapots are  beautiful and bring you to nature in mind.

Please refer story of Hakusan’s and seaweed in the bottom of page. This seaweed is from several decades ago!


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