Housei Yamada Full Relief Engraved Carving Red Clay Pair Cup, Japan Antique, Tokoname

Housei Yamada′s Full Relief Carving Japanese style pair cups. Made in 20-30 years ago, order made by a collector, they are kept unused. Japanese traditional lucky pattern are carved. Housei Yamada is teapot artist (potter) in Tokoname, Japan. Housei collaborated with some carvers, at the early stage, he worked with other carves, later stage he worked his mother, who made House’s works graceful. This tea cups are also his mother’s carving. Lines(curves) of Housei’s work both teapots and tea cups are elegant, impression is warm, soft and graceful, which is unique among other Tokoname’s artist (potters). The red clay of this cups is fine, somooth surface, light red. Shape, size, carved pattern shows Japanese tradition and custom.

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