A Masterpiece in Japan Tokoname Teapot History. Shunen & Ittou Ushijima Chrysanthemum Flower, Relief Hand Engraved Carving Ceramic Red Clay 常滑焼急須名品 初代舜園 牛嶋一陶

Ittou Ushijima was an artist / carver on Tokoname teapot. He created deep carving art decoration on Tokoname’s red clay teapots. His representative teapot works are Landscape, Bodhidharma(cartoon-like) , chrysanthemums, grapes, etc. Collaboration of several teapot potters, and Ittou worked with Shunen often especially in his later years. Ittou carved his name and age on teapots after age 80.

牛島一陶为常滑茶壶雕刻师。他在常滑市的朱泥茶壶上创作了深刻艺术装饰。他代表性茶壶作品有山水画,达摩(卡通似),菊花,葡萄等。他和几位制壶师合作,和舜园(初代)共同做作品尤其在晚年。 一陶 在年龄80岁后,壶上刻下了自己的名字和年龄。

制壺: 初代舜園 Shunen
刻画: 牛島一陶 Ittou Ushijima (1888年生)
制作年:1972年( 一陶 八十四歳)

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