Japan Arita Hand Paint Blue & White Porcelain Steam & Book Cup Pair 2 pcs

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Japan Arita High-End Hand Paint Blue & White Porcelain Book & Smoke  Cup Pair 2 pcs

Beautiful blue paint on Arita white body.

Pattern: Steam &Book

Steam: Design of steam rising from a pond or swamp. It has been favored as a pattern to bring luck. It is traditional Japanese design.

Book:  Books with flowers. It is good for persons who love reading books or studying for exam.

Arita is most famous porcelain town in Japan. It has 400 years porcelain production history in Japan.  “Arita” are famous for the pure white body, which are made of high quality porcelain stone. 


This cup is good for tea. Inside color is  clear white.  You can enjoy color of tea liquid. Also, aroma stays well on the surface of the cups comparing to unglazed cup. Smooth texture will give you good sense of feeling in your hand.

This shape of cup can be also used for coffee, dessert, soup…

High quality and it is also good for gift.

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