Japan Hand Paint Horses Arita Porcelain Cup and Plate Afternoon Tea Set (with Wood Box)

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Gorgeous and beautiful hand-paint horses on Arita porcelain white cup. 
Detail painting with elegant color coordination. Noble impression.
Inside is blue & white paint. Bottom of cup has Plum Flower, Bamboo and pine tree – this set of plant means “lucky” in Japan.

Pretty small flower shape plate come with the cup. It is good as sweets plate for tea time.

Cup and plate are put in a stylish wood box. This box is good to use to put your tea on your table when guest comes.

This item is also good for gift.  

Arita is most famous porcelain town in Japan. It has 400 years porcelain production history in Japan.  “Arita” are famous for the pure white body, which are made of high quality porcelain stone. 

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