Junzo Rough Clay Ancient Black Gold Small Teapot 淳蔵

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Deep gold with Wabi-sabi taste, looks like antique. Clay has rough texture.

Impression is different under sun light and lighting.

This teapot goes with many kind of cups. (Please see photos)

Shiha Tea & Comfort’s original size (140ml) .

The color of the body differ every firing. If more oxygen in the kiln, color become more gold. If less oxygen, color become more black. This teapot has very good gold-black harmony.

This is made of blend clay of Tokoname’s red clay and rough mountain soil.
Any tea is fine with teapot. Especially fermented teas such as ripe Pu’er tea and black tea – It will bring out the taste and aroma of those tea. 

The artist Junzo often brew those tea with this teapot. 

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