Kato On’s Garden Plant Rectangle Plate Set


The artist, Kato On, gathered plants and leaves from her garden in Gifu, Japan, and delicately pressed them onto both the surface and backside of the plate.

She meticulously arranged the plants on the plate, the final piece shows a subtle touch of her warm and gentle character.

The texture of the plate is simple and rough, evoking a sense of the earth itself. The subdued colors of grey, black, white, and natural tones resemble the earth, with the added element of harmoniously integrated plant impressions.

The items showcases Japanese natural plants, beautifully harmonized with the earthy color palette. This combination brings joy to you.

The overall impression of Kato On’s work is pure, natural, and warm, creating a relaxing atmosphere that resonates with your heart.

The small plate is an ideal size for a tea table, suitable for serving sweets, snacks, and tea leaves.

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