Yoshikawa Kodo Fugetsu Hand Engraved Carving Red Clay Japanese Tokoname Teapot, Bird & Plum Tree

Collaborations of Two Teapot Masters

Hand made, Hand carving, No glazing. Amazing collaborations of two teapot masters in Tokoname.

Fugetsu who is a potter, made a  traditional and pretty shaped teapot.
Kodo who is a carver, made exquisite carving

Kodo’s delicate carving can only be possible and beautiful on fine texture clay. It is the great collaborations of those two artists. They both have more than 40 years experience

Teapot Artist Information

Teapot produced by: Fugetsu Murakoshi, born in 1950.

Teapot carved by: Kodo Yoshikawa, born in 1947.
Kodo was certified as Intangible Cultural Property of Tokoname city in Japan.  

Detail of the Art and Quality

White plum flowers emphasize beauty of red clay. 

Horizontal lines that are made on upper body, handle and lid make sharp and fresh impression.

An appreciation of the carving with letters will bring you a joy and it will touch your heart

We believe Kodo’s carving techniques and art on teapots is the best in Japan.

Pay attention to the smoothness and fine texture of the teapot, that was Fugetsu’s work. Only good clay and skilled artist can make it so.

Signature “Kodo carved”

Surface of the body is polished and has elegant sheen

Artist’s Seal “風月” (Fugetsu )

Function of the Teapot, What Tea is Good to brew?

Good water flow from spout (tested by us) Good to brew Green tea, Oolong tea, White Tea, Black tea, any kind of tea!

Red clay enrich taste of tea and round texture.


Teapot Specification

Capacity: Approx.    260  ml    ( 8.8 us fl oz)
Box: Wooden box with a signature of the artist (Kodo) as shown in the picture.  


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