Kodo & Setsudo, Yoshikawa brothers, Asakusa Sensoji Temple in Snow, hand Engraved carving Japanese Tokoname Kyusu Teapot

Kodo, Sensoji Temple

Artist: Kodo Yoshikawa (carving), Setsudo Yoshikawa (teapot)
Size: Approx. Hight 12cm, Width 14cm.
Box: Wooden box

Handmade. Sensoji temple on Tokoname teapot.

Temple in red and red clay are harmonious. White snow is impressive. Nostalgic and emotional scene.

Very detailed  carving and sophisticated and authentic shape. It look so elegant and traditional.

Hand carved by Kodo Yoshikawa. Formed by Setsudo Yoshikawa, they are brothers.

Detalied carving only done on very fine clay.

No glazing, texture is smooth, Setsudo’s creates teapot like silky touch. Good water flow and good stopping of water from spout. Detail work of strainer (hand made holes) .

Kodo is over 70 years old, Kodo’s carving technique has been qualified as Important intangible cultural property of Japan.

Yoshikawa brother’s collaboration teapot is beautiful in eyes and function (brewing)

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