KOSHIN Black Red Marble Seaweed Large Capacity Tokoname Kyusu Teapot (Iron Teapot texture) 香臣藻掛大理石(Made in Tokoname Japan)

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One in the photos is actual piece we send to you (KS22)


KOSHIN Black Red Marble teapot is very artistic and  unique, not seen anywhere else in Japan and in the World.  Beautiful, Functional, Unique.

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The marble pattern comes from SEAWEED. Seaweed is from sea of Chita Peninsula Area, where Tokoname city is located.

<This teapot was fired 3 times>
1 Make red clay teapot
2 Bind seaweed and fire to make marble pattern.
3 Fired in reduction (Smoked) and change to black red marble.

Red and Black is so harmonious. Total impression is glorious, traditional, dignity.

<Effect of Red Clay Smoked>
Body looks dark brown under less light. It looks reddish brown under much light. It show you different impression depends on the light it receives.

Red clay smoked to black is deep, feeling of layers.

<3 different texture in a teapot>
1 Lid and handle is well polished and it looks like real marble. So shiny and smooth.
2 Body texture is like fine sand . In Japan this texture is called “Pine Tree Peel”. The artist made it feel like iron teapot.
3 Foot part is smooth texture.

There are so much to enjoy in this teapot. Good water flow.

把海藻茶壶上缠烧成,显出红色海藻图案,如大理石。 使用藻挂手法制成的大理石风格。 为了体现厚重的质感和独特的风格进行了三次烧制。 每一个都是手工精心制作的产品。

1 先烧成朱泥茶壶
2 再把海草缠在茶壶上烧制
3 最后还原烧制熏黑了 三次烧制显出红色海藻花样,壶像大理石做的风格了。


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