Message from Umehara Soukou – Japan Tokoname Teapot Master

Tokoname ware (Tokonameyaki)

Red clay has been used since the Ansei era (1855-1860), when the first generation Jumon the first succeeded in make the tea ware.

The reason why many potters have come here since ancient times is because of the rich soil and environment.

I also taking advantage of the rich and ever-changing soil, currently producing mainly tea ware incorporating designs based on what our predecessors have created.

The life of a teapot is a tea strainer, so I’m making special strainers.

I only use fine clay to make the tea ware with fine texture and make them get a glow sooner.

We strive to create teapots that are “Loved by tea, pleasing to use, not easy to let go, pleasing to look at.”

I hope it will enrich your life.

Please use it for a long time.

– Soukou from Tokoname City

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常滑市 宗光 敬白

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