Natural Black Urushi Lacquer Hegi Tea Tray Round Board


Feel the beautiful roughness and unique design born by the tree.

This style of board/technique is called “Hegi”-board.

Hegi (Hegu) means “tear off” or “peel off” in Japanese.

For Hegi-board, no machine is used.
The machete blade is manually driven into the wood then split(tear) it along the fibers of the wood.

The surface has “design”. It was naturally made that way. Some happen to be more flat and simple. This piece is more complex and artistic.

“Hegi”-board are not used daily life, they are used to present food beautifully at special banquets or at high-class Japanese restaurants. Smaller ones are sometimes used as plates for serving sweets at tea ceremonies.

This Hegi-board is round shape and have certain thickness – it is artistic. You can use for tea tray like seen in the photo, or you can directly put some food or sweets on it.

<Real Urushi lacquer is used >

The lacquer is applied to the board, and let it soak in, and then wiped off. This process is repeated many times to allow the lacquer to penetrate into the wood. This technique is used not to cover the surface with lacquer, but to feel the warm texture of the wood.

Washable (possible to use detergent ), wipe off moisture immediately after wash.

Real lacquer is sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause deterioration. Do not expose to sunlight (use indoors).

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