Takatori-yaki Hassen13th Madara Glaze Cup 高取八仙

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Madara glazing cup (straw ash glaze)

Madara glaze is one in which the black dots are seen into the white glaze, creating a mottled (Madara) pattern. In Japanese pottery, Madara glaze is often seen in Karatsu ware (Karatsu-yaki) and Takatori ware (Takatori-yaki).

The black dots are the result of the iron content of the clay, creating patterns in the white glaze.

Major component of this glaze is straw ash, which Hassen produced by burning straws in the field. (photo below)


Clay was taken in the mountain near Hassen Kiln in Fukuoka. Hassen 13th go to the mountain and dig and take clay and material for glazing such as feldspar rocks. He turns 88 years old in this year.

Small stones in the body makes interesting scene and tasteful feels in your hand.

The Takatori Hassen Kiln has preserved the tradition of Takatori ware from the early 17th century to the present. This piece is the work of the 13th generation of Takatori Hassen. 

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