Natural Urushi Lacquer Hand Carved Black Tea Board (lines)


Lines of carving are stylish and total impression is cool and warm, creating a beautiful work of art as a whole.

Attractive nuanced black, real urushi lacquer (sap of the lacquer tree), gentle texture.

The gentle touch and texture are coming from real lacquer.

The lacquer is applied to the hand-carved wooden board, allowed to soak in, and then wiped off. This process is repeated many times to allow the lacquer to penetrate into the wood. This technique is used not to cover the surface with lacquer, but to feel the warm texture of the wood.

You can use as plate and put food on the board directly.

Washable (possible to use detergent ), wipe off moisture immediately after wash.

Real lacquer is sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause deterioration. Do not expose to sunlight (use indoors).

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