Pine Tree Wood Fired SUZU-yaki Shinohara Takashi Black & Ash Cup 珠洲篠原敬


This cup has Wabi-sabi feeling. Pine tree is used for firing in kiln.

Impression of simple , quiet, humble  rustic..

Stylish shape. 

Texture is very rich in front, nuance grey black. Lots of natural ash make the texture.

Back side is shiny black.

This shine is not glaze, this is due to high temperature in the kiln, result of melting components of clay and ash. 

This time of firing, blue color appeared on the some works. This cup has blue part on the bottom. Blue only appears only certain conditions in the kiln, high temperature is one of the factor. 

Natural ash glaze (ash of Pine tree) are seen inside of the cup.

Inside has deep color,  green, gray .. like deep in the lake.
Fill water and look into inside under natural light, it will be very beautiful.

Color of the body, natural ash gives deep beauty and touch to your heart. 

Shinohara used to be a monk, he started make pottery to express his inner world on his pottery.

Please refer our blog for more information about Suzu ware & Shinohara’s works.  


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