Real Seaweed Mogake Pattern Kyusu Teapot, Yokei Mizuno Tokoname ware水野陽景 常滑焼 藻掛け急須 海藻紋

yokei mizuno

Handmade. Thin body (rather light) and very detailed  work and sophisticated shape make it look so elegant. 

Seaweed pattern on the teapot (Delicate spring seaweed from Ocean) . No glazing, texture is primitive and simple.

It may bring quietness and pleasantness in mind as art work.  Good water flow from spout (Tested by Shiha Tea) . 

Good to brew Green tea, Woolong tea, White Tea, Black tea, any kind of tea! 

Artist of the teapot is Yokei Mizuno, born in 1956, great teapot artist in Tokoname, Japan. Elegance and simplicity coexist in his works. 

Capacity: Approx.    200  ml    ( 6.7 us fl oz)
Size: Approx.  hight 6.0 cm    width12.7cm
Box: Wooden box with a signature of the artist as in a picture.

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