SHIRAIWA TAISUKE Wood-fired KyusuTeapot 白岩大佑 急須 渦縞紋

Attractive shape, color, texture of wood-fire. Harmonious Teapot.

Bold carving Spiral lines, rough texture like rocks. It gives impression of Wild Nature and Energy.

Calm light blue is like sky. The artist lives in Hokkaido, where the very northern part of Japan. Place of vast land & sky and wild nature.

The artist Shiraiwa Taisuike is in his mid 30’s. Simpleness, freshness and the energy of the teapot might be naturally come out as his art and spirit.

Carving on the lid is deep, feel power and energy, Line on the upper body have rhythm, lower half of the body has very shallow curve lines, quite calm. Light yellow and brown natural ash is seen on upper body, on the spout and on the lid.

Blue Purple flowing glaze is so attractive.

Horizontal line, made of connection of short lines, running middle of the body give the rhythmical impression.

Connection parts of the handle and the spout look tasteful – that shows natural and freedom.

Wood-fired. Beautiful Yellowish/Light Brown natural glazing on the blue.

Thin body – made with the artist’s high technique. Teapot artist:

SHIRAIWA TAISUKE , born 1985. His studio is in Hokkaido.

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