SHUNEN MANO Red Plum Green Clay Double Wall Kyusu Teapot 舜園 镂空梅花急須茶壺

SHUNEN 二代舜園 镂空 梅花壺 Red Plum Green Clay double wall lacy Japanese Tokoname Ceramic Kyusu Teapot.

手工雕刻镂空红梅壶,深绿的泥鲜红的梅,色泽与造型设计很和谐。梅花雕刻很精美。作家舜圆亲自制壶亲自雕刻。 舜圆几年研究了精美独特的镂空壶。 作家表示他花了很长时间才能找出完美的烧成。因为在窑中外侧泥和内侧泥收缩率不同。六角形壶身。不上釉。

Hand carving red plum flower, double wall lacy flower on deep green clay. Color and design is so harmonious, the green makes the red plum so charming. Plum is carved in detail. Artist Shunen the second made teapot and carved it by himself. Tokoname’s Double wall lacy teapot is Shunen’s original.He had been researched the some years to create such a beautiful unique teapot. Shunen said that it took him so long time to find out how the 2 layers go well. Because the outer clay and inner clay shrunk in different ratio in kiln.
There are random pinholes between flowers on the body, it make the green look like one in nature. The body is hexagonal-shaped, the handle, lid, and spout are comparatively shape impression than other Tokoname teapots. Total impression sophisticated. Unglazed.

Artist 作家: Shunen 間野舜園
Capacity 容量: Approx. 280 ml

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