YOKEI MIZUNO Kyusu Teapot Tokomae Japan 水野陽景 南蛮梨皮急須茶壺

YOKEI MIZUNO 水野陽景 南蛮梨皮壺 Red & Smoke-Black Nanban Japanese Kyusu Teapot, Tokoname

薄胎。精致。朱泥和山砂。壺盖两次烧成熏黑。作家水野陽景 1956年生 常滑焼制壶大师。

Handmade. Thin body (rather light) and very detailed work and sophisticated shape.

The artist used 2 kind of soil, one is red clay(朱泥), the other is mountain sand (山砂)which is shown like white dot in body and make the texture attractive.
No glazing. Make taste of tea round and richer, especially green tea.

Lid color is originally made as same as the body (red). Later it was smoked in black (fired 2nd time). Beautiful contrast of color. Natural soil color makes you feel quiet and calm.

Artist of the teapot is Yokei Mizuno, born in 1956, great teapot artist in Tokoname, Japan. Elegance and simplicity coexist in his works.

Artist作家: Yokei Mizuno 水野陽景
Capacity容量: Approx. 220 ml

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