Mano Shunen Plum blossoms, bamboo, Pine Tree Relief Engraved Carving Teapot, Tokoname Japan 間野舜園 歳寒三友


Beautiful Red Clay Art. Hand carving Plum blossoms, bamboo, Pine Tree in big flower shape on the body.

Beautiful contrast of relief carving of flowers and fine clay smooth surface. 
It has both traditional and modern impression.

Artist Shunen make teapot and carve on it by himself. He is a potter and carver.
This Shunen’s teapot is all made by Shunen.

Plum blossoms, bamboo, Pine Tree are lucky plants in Japan, often drawn on Japanese Traditional Art craft, on Kimono etc. Plum blossoms, bamboo, Pine Tree those three together is called “three friends in cold time 歳寒三友”. Plum blossom are in bloom in cold time, Bamboo & Pine leaves are green and beautiful even in winter time.  

Life is not only spring time, how you live in winter time – learn from the three friends.

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