YOKEI MIZUNO Nanban Orage Line Teapot 水野陽景 南蛮

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Handmade. Thin body and very detailed work and sophisticated shape. No glazing. 

Vivid orange line on soft gradation body look attractive.

Gradation color on the body was made by flame in firing in the kiln. Yokei control temperature, air, smoke of rice hulls and made right flame for the color.

Texture of the body is very natural. In Japan, this unglazed natural clay texture is called Nanban style (texture), that is to enjoy primitive, simple and rough feels of the clay.

It gives you tasteful feels. To keep natural state of the clay, the artist Yokei Mizuno make the shape of teapot with one hand only, put his right hand in the teapot and make the shape on the potter’s wheel. Usually left hand touch surface of the teapot body) but for this teapot, not touching the surface of teapot. 

As  you see, enlarged photo of the surface, there are small rough holes. This texture make the teapot look so tasteful. Those holes are not fault. 

Artist of the teapot is Yokei Mizuno, born in 1956, great teapot artist in Tokoname. Elegance and simplicity coexist in his works.

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