SOU YAMADA Blue Wood Firing Kyusu Teapot, Japanese Tokoname 山田想柴焼淡藍茶

Sou Yamada is a grandson of Jozan Yamada the 3rd, who was recognized by the Japanese government as Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure) .

Blue teapots are representing Sou’s works. Teapots are fired in wood kiln which produces fly ash. Wood ash settles on the teapot during the firing. Grey & whitey soft ash on blue body makes nature scene on teapot. It is beautiful. The clay is white and rather rough touch.
The body is rather thin and light.
The Yamada families have been producing teapots in 5 generations. The style is authentic. This teapot’s lid and handle shows Yamada family’s nobleness.

This teapot is good to brew Japanese green tea, Chinese green tea, white tea etc.. Actually any kind of tea.

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