Takatori-yaki Hassen13th (Sousen) Old Takatori Style Cup 高取宗仙


This cup is made by Takatori Hassen13th (Takatori Sousen). He made the cup with old Takatori style, which is seen beggining of Takatori-yaki , end of 16th century to beggining of 17th century.

Old Takatori has a style that is bold and free, with distortion, wild nature, and earthy simplicity, and does not strive for uniformity or symmetry. It has a sense of dynamism, and is different from the elegance and brightness with Sabi feel style (Kireisabi) of Takatori-yaki that followed.

The wild expression of the rim of the cup, the stone hole in the inner wall, and the sheerness created by the shading of the glaze. The feel of the lines of the potter’s wheel in the red clay, the interest of the glaze and spirals that accumulate at the inner bottom, and the rough, natural taste of the clay and its beauty. And the whole thing is in harmony. you will find something new every time I look at it.

Old Takatori style works are rarely seen now. Takatori Sousen is one to create the style.

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