SHINOHRA TAKASHI Suzu-Yaki Black Pottery Japan Customer Review 香港より、日本の黒いやきもの 珠洲焼 (すずやき)への感想メッセージ

Hello This SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP in Tokyo. We have received Customer message from Hong Kong for SUZU-YAKI (Suzu Ware), black pottery in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

The customer bought a vase and cups of Mr. Shinohara Takashi of Yuge Kiln in Suzu city. How Suzu-yaki touches heart and what Suzu-yaki brought the customer. Let’s see. (Original language is English, and the message is translated in Japanese (in green color)



游戯窯(ゆげがま)の篠原敬(SHINOHARA TAKASHI)さんの作品です。原文は英語です。

Since I received Mr. Shinohara’s works a few weeks ago, I have kept thinking why his works are appealing in a gentle yet longstanding way. To me, each of them is unique as each of them has a voice of the nature.

His tea cups have been used for several times, for tea or water drinking, I feel that, in subtle ways, the cups soften and enrich the substance of the liquid inside. This is a new experience for me, so I look very much forward to meeting new products of Mr. Shinohara in Jan or Feb. 





これは私にとって新しい経験ですので、また2021年1月か2月 篠原さんの新しい作品に出会えることをとても楽しみにしています。



珠洲焼(すずやき)とは|石川 奥能登 美しく黒いやきもの|海外のファン|中世現代比較 Suzu Ware, Beautiful Black Pottery in Japan, Land of Black Beauty

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