Takatori Sousen Kakewake Cup 高取宗仙


Simple and Natural, Warm and Calm (Kakewake)

This cup has 2 different glazing applied. The technique of art is called “kake-wake”Literally, 掛 “Kake” means apply (glazing), 分” wake” means separately. 掛分(kakewake) is : 2 different glazing is applied. This art technique is seen Takatori-yaki often.

Milky white clay is straw ash glaze which Hassen made by burning straw.
Brownish glaze is called candy glaze (Ameyu glaze) which shows beautiful shade of brown. The mixture of two glaze show warm tasteful yellowish color. Both glaze are Hassen’s blend. Mixture of those two glazes makes third nuance color.

Inside of the cups shows 4 nuance colours, brown, white, yellowish milky, pinkish (showing clay color more than other parts).

Since the glazing layer is thinner, you will have feeling of the clay in your hand. It gives natural feeling in your hand and warm in your eyes.

Elegant Shape, Thin Body – Kiln Chage (Yohen Kakewake)

Elegant shape, thin body. Glazing and flow of glazing inside and outside make graceful impression.

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