Takatori-yaki Takatori Hassen wabi-sabi cup 八仙斑釉

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Takatori Hassen Kiln is located in a village of Fukuoka prefecture, the kiln started in 17th century, produces Japanese tea ceremony ware.

About Takatori-yaki

This cup was made by  Takatori Hassen  XIII (13th generation) 

Amazing Artistic flow of the glaze. Beautiful white like in nature. (Madara Glaze)
Very thick glaze and you can really feel the color of the glaze and texture.

Glaze flow to the bottom of the cup during the firing. Hassen shaved and made it flat after the firing. You could see it in the photo. 

This photo is Takatori Hassen XIII burning bunch of straw to make straw ash (glazing). You may feel the naturalness and deepness of the glaze.

Clay is from Koishiwara / Nanakuma in Fukuoka (where Takatori-yaki’s place) It is Hassen’s own blend .

Harmony (sense of integrate / unity) of clay and glaze is one of the point of appreciation for his work. Beautiful.

Nice texture and good size in hand. 

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