YUSEN Facet Nuance Color Marble Clay Teapot Green/ Red 友仙

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Very thin & light body. Elegant & smooth texture.

Sophisticate body and parts. very good feeling to hold the handle.

Amazing nuance color marble clay, greenish and reddish and bit of yellowish.

Interesting circle and lines are shown in every facets.

Every circles has unique shape and color combination.

It reminds of  kaleidoscope or mid-century-circle.

We carefully chose the one with more circles. We send you the one in the photo. 

Note: We use this teapot everyday in SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP. It is so comfortable to use in every respects – texture feels good, handle and whole body.. light to lift teapot, water flow is smooth. Harmonious with interior and other tea ware.

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