Mountain Cherry Tree Bark Small Tea Canister (Frost Bark)

Mountain Cherry Tree bark Tea Canister is one of “Japanese Traditional Art Craft” which designated by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry.


Canister &  Tea leaf spoon

Surface is frost finish, inside is polished finish. You can enjoy 2 textures!

Tea spoon is has Sakura shape shell Inlaid. 

<Material & Size>

Cherry bark, Japanese wing nut 

Canister:  Approx.  Height 7.0cm / Diameter 6.3 cm
Spoon: Approx.  7.0*3.0cm


Cherry Tree bark Tea Canisters are loved by Japanese several decades. It is durable. It can be used in 2-3 generations. 

Durability is one of the prerequisite for ”Japanese Traditional Art Craft” 


Cherry Tree bark is antibacterial. 
Cherry Tree bark canister has high sealability and keep things inside dry  (moisture proof). Due to the reason, cherry tree bark cases used be used as medicine and  tobacco case in Edo period. 

Cherry Tree bark canister will keep quality of your tea leaves well!

——How to use——

Please put tea leaves only amount for 2 -4 weeks  consumption in the canister.
The rest of tea leaves should be kept in refrigerator. 
Please refer our article of how to store tea leaves:

This is not portable canister. It is supposed to be used at home. The cap (ild) is tight but not tight enough to carry around.  It is OK to carry it in your bag, in that case, put the canister in the cloth bag not let the lid come off (refer the photo below)

Tea spoon has Japanese tradition tea leaf spoon shape. It is good to scoop Japanese green tea leaves and put it in a teapot.

Lid of the canister can be measure cup. You can put appropriate amount(volume) of tea leaves in the lid cup from tea canister, then put it in a teapot.

I personally use lid cup to measure appropriate volume of tea leaves for a teapot. 


The artisan explains that most difficult part is to stick tree bark on the body firmly. 

The artisan produce canister based on the their sense and experience.

Peel off bark from tree, dry the bark 2-3 years because it contain certain amount of moisture. If it is used without drying, it shrinks.

Make the surface of the bark smooth and according to its color and pattern on the bark, decide how to use. As you can imagine, each piece of canister have unique pattern.

Make form. The body is wood (Japanese wing nut) and the inner and outer surface is cherry bark. 

As you see in the photo, inner cylindrical case is placed in outer cylindrical case.

Recent years they are facing shortage of raw material (tree bark). It is becoming valuable to have cherry Tree bark Tea canisters.

——Production Area——-

They are made in Kakunodate city in Akita prefecture, which is located northern Japan. Northern Japan produce high quality wood products.


Please keep away from moisture, heat.  

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