Breathtaking! Express Japanese Tea Culture and Nature in a Teapot. Sugie Toju(Sugie Hirotaka)陶寿(杉江弘隆)

Toju Page:

The artist Toju made iron chagama-like teapot.

Chagama is iron pot for matcha tea ceremony. This teapot is Iron-like texture.

(Photo of Chagama)

Sound of boiling water in changama in tea ceremony is express as pine tree forest wind sounds.

The whole body of the teapot has hand carved lines like pine leaves and wind.  

When brewing tea with teapot, it is like time of tea ceremony.

Everything is in harmony – color, texture, shape, design, size..
It is very nice feeling to hold it in your hand, too. Good water flow.

Toju’s technique is based on 70 year’s pottery life. He creates such a  amazing teapot.

Artist : Toju (born in 1932, 88 years old)

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