Tokoname Sou Yamada Shell Black Wood Firing Teapot 山田想黒釉柴焼壺

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Tokoname Yamada Sou black wood firing teapots is fired with shells on the teapot.
Some of shells pattern makes art on the body.
The shades of black with ash makes beautiful scene on the teapot.

Moss green natural ash on lid and lid knob are like nature scene. 
Every side of body has its taste. 
The body is thin and light.

Sou Yamada is a grandson of Jozan Yamada the 3rd, who was recognized by the Japanese government as Important Intangible Cultural Property.

The Yamada families have been producing teapots in 5 generations. The style is authentic. This teapot’s lid and handle shows Yamada family’s nobleness.

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