TOJU(Sugie Hirotaka) Kyusu Teapot, Wood like Texutre, Make Teapot 50 years, Tokoname Japan 陶寿(杉江弘隆)

Artist: Toju / Artist Bio: Born in 1932
Toju Page:

Toju has been making teapot more than a half century.
Texture of this teapot is like iron or like wood.
It is actually clay-made. It is pottery.
His clay and style is his original, unique.

Toju said that he has satisfied with his life,He has been making pottery through his life. However recently no longer making as before. His teapots are one of most unique and tasteful among ones in last a few decades in Japan, I think. Simple, Nature, Wabisabi with certain elegance. It is this teapot.

陶寿 1932年生 超半世纪制作茶壶
他的泥 他的造型 他的工艺 独自创造
店主认为陶寿茶壶为昭和时代,平和时代 的常滑烧中 最创意,最有趣的茶壶之一。
请感觉一下,简洁 自然 侘寂 的名品。容量 230-260毫升 有个体差异 请理解

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