YOKEI MIZUNO Red & Black Pear Skin Teapot 陽景梨皮

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Handmade. Thin and light body (108g)and very detailed work.

The artist used 2 kind of soil, one is red clay(朱泥), the other is mountain sand (山砂)which is shown like white dot. No glazing.

The design of the joint of the spout and handle to the body is unique. The artist presses the soil with a spatula with momentum to connect it. Every spatula pattern on  joint  is made in one shot.

Lid color is originally made as same as the body (red). Later it was smoked in black (fired 2nd time).

Beautiful contrast of color. Natural soil color makes you feel quiet and calm.

 Artist of the teapot is Yokei Mizuno, born in 1956, great teapot artist in Tokoname, Japan. Elegance and simplicity coexist in his works.

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